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Sobre fazer melhor o trabalho

Enquanto isso, no meu outro blog, venho escrevendo uma série de textos tentando entender como trabalhar melhor (e por trabalho eu digo qualquer coisa que melhora a nossa vida, como ler um livro):

 Hence, to do better at something requires us to learn how to play with the experience, to fully immerse in it, to put one self in a state of deliberate focus, so that nothing else pops in our head.

However, according to Dini, there is one other factor, often neglected in texts about productivity, and that is of mastery. To do good work, you must be good at work. In particular, doing work should be natural. If I was assigned a task of creating a video, and I immersed myself in the experience, with no distractions, I still would not be able to produce a good video, as I’m not familiar with the process and have not developed any intimacy.

Hence, optimal work and experiences arise when weplay with them, having mastered them and in a state of full focus. All the rest of the study of productivity, organization and workflow come from this premise.

E, no texto seguinte, tento entender o que nos atrapalha nesse objetivo.