How to stop complaning about life

Fr. Ignácio Larrañaga:

Your existence was not proposed, but imposed to you.


The best reason to use Spotify are playlists (at least for me)


I’ve tried other services, but I’m addicted to “Music for Concentration”-like playlists in Spotify.


Adjust your plans

Expectation: come to the lab, work like crazy for two hours, have lunch, organize some stuff, work like crazy for two more hours, attend a meeting, workday done.

Reality: come to the lab, turn on the computer, wait over one hour for Windows Update.

Lessons learned:

  • I should always have printed papers to read in my backpack, so I can always work offline

  • Is it possible to carry my laptop with me all the time?

  • I had a plan, but the plan is worthless now: after the update is done, I will do a new plan. Eisenhower: “Plans are nothing, planning is everything” (see also this video by Thomas Frank)